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The Cube Design Services is a leading construction design company in Pakistan that aims to portray exceptional designs for you to give your lifestyle an aesthetic structure.



The Cube Design Service is the only company focusing on providing unique and remarkable construction designs to its customers. The prominent name behind the outstanding project is Mirza Ather Baig having excellent knowledge of construction and architecture. Because of his experience and extraordinary skills, Cube Design Services is the only design services company in Islamabad, Lahore, and other major cities of Pakistan, facilitating clients with architectural, interior, furniture, and structural services and electrical designs.


Cube Design Services provides the best architectural designs to its clients. Furthermore, Cube is famous for drawing unique structures before you want to construct your dream house. The design  company provides you with commercial and residential apartment designs.

The only construction design company in Islamabad and Lahore that gets you rid of all kinds of worries by providing you with Project Management services is Cube Desing Services. It manages your commercial and residential projects from scratch to end-user building in your estimated budget and time.

For making your homes and offices look extraordinary, the Cube design Services Provides you with exceptional interior designs. The distinguished trait of the design services company is that it provides unique designs to any new clients to give an aesthetic sense to their structure.


Some words from Our Clients

The Cube Design Services is the best Design company in Lahore, and I definitely recommend them. I found it to be ideal for finishing my project on time. I also recommend you to hire The Cube Design Services.

Taifur Hamid

If you are looking for a good and creative architectural Designs Services in Islamabad, I would recommend The Cube Design Services, one of the best and most reputable Designs firms in the city.

Ali hamza

There are several top Design services companies in Pakistan, but Cube Design Services has all of the features you’d expect from a reputable firm. I hired them for about ten different projects.

Rashid Ahmad


Mirza Ather Baig (CEO)

Mirza Azher Baig (Director Marketing)

Faisal Akhunzada (Managing partner)

Talha Ahmed (Managing Partner)